A fleeting promise

There is always something that entices us to make a risk with the promise of great gain. When I was younger I always used the phrase “I’ll bet you…” knowing full well the consequences if I lost the bet. In fact sometimes I would prepare to lose so that it would soften the blow. Whether it was silly things like betting to be right or wagering some portion of lunch. It stood firm that the promise of winning was somewhere in sight and no matter how many losses, winning was it. Before long betting became a means to winning something. I remember being frugal at a casino, it started with quarter slots, then dime slots, nickel slots and eventually the penny slots. I spent maybe fifteen or twenty dollars playing around. I remember jumping for joy when I won some two dollars at the penny slots yet not seeing the four dollars I had to gamble to get there. I know what your thinking it’s just a couple of dollars but if you ever spent time at a penny slot you soon realize a few dollars equals a whole lot of time. Anyways my point is that the promise of a win is often fleeting, short lived and has no remorse for the risks you take.

This thought had come to me earlier in the evening about how fleeting the pleasure of sin is. The promise of satisfaction is purposely short lived so that an addiction can develop. Unfortunately we are prone to this sickness and the promise of satisfaction will always speak to our hearts. Unless we find something greater that lasts. Jesus sets an example of how satisfying and pleasurable it is to live to and for God. Our sin will never present it’s true self. It will always promise you yourself, and how can you deny yourself of anything? Sin is like a poisonous substitute that gives you the result now but develops into a cancer down the road. Can you see it growing in your life? The chasm that sin drives between us and God is ever growing until we wake up to the effects of prolonged exposure and deadly promise of sin. God equally makes promises to us in fact a ton load. But what is it that drives you away from His to those of sin? Where does your faith and trust need to grow so that the promises of God won’t seem fleeting but everlasting? Sin will seem to always satisfy but are you willing to risk the cancer that grows? God’s promises will satisfy without side effects. What are the promises and truths you’ve come to believe and which ones are from God and which ones are from satan? Decide for yourself who you’d rather be with God or satan.

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Some photos

Dinner from this evening. Shared a meal with our night guard since no one is here. Came out really nice, needed a bit of beef marrow.

For those that can understand this… I found a comrade in Uganda.

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Being sick

Greetings everyone it’s been a quiet week. I have been sick since Sunday evening with some bacteria infection. The illness had me bent over or laying down for a majority of the week. But now I am doing a lot better still dealing with some toilet business but the fever, aches, and vomiting have stopped. If you sent any emails and other things it’s going to take a few days to get around to it.

After tomorrow sometime all of the international staff and interns will go on project trips leaving me to fend at the office. But I am getting the opportunity to check out and work with our construction management branch. I know it’s going to be a blast and hopefully a productive few days.

Last week Friday a few of us guys went rafting on the Nile. Those pictures are here: https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/sredir?uname=wooguay&target=ALBUM&id=5579895600047356577&authkey=Gv1sRgCNiRurHdkMrEigE&invite=CO7e5tQO&feat=email

Tons of fun and wouldn’t have missed out. They were closing off a large portion of the rafting because the government was damming for hydroelectric. So we were the second to last group to ride it for the last time.

Other than being sick I am thankful for the people who cared for me and dealt with all the blah that comes with being sick. Take a moment to consider those who helped you when you difficult or not pleasant. Don’t take their kindness for granted, thank God for them and whatever way they try to relate to you.

Post soon, bye. *update* if you can pray for the stomach problem I would be most honored. Thanks all

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What have you been forgiven for? Part 2

I realized that I shared some thoughts on this topic before. But I just wanted to bring it back up as God had brought it back up through a bible study to me. We are currently studying Hebrews and just yesterday we focused on chapter 2. One of the key points in this chapter is the way Jesus related to us and through that became the perfect priest to go before God on our behalf. He became every bit human so that we could relate to what it mean to be in relationship to God. Jesus faced every temptation but never succumb to sin. Jesus is our hope to fight sin and temptations. He did all this to taste death that we might be saved from the long lasting fear death had on our life. Take a moment and read Hebrews 2. My challenge and even encouragement was this, how can you rightfully share the gospel if you cannot relate to what Jesus had done? Testifying about God in my life is one of the less fruitful areas. You have to be confident in the good news before you can tell others. If you can’t relate to why other people need Jesus maybe it’s time to reexamine your need for Jesus. So that you are able to relate to others and testify wholeheartedly. That’s where I am at, re thinking about the workings of God in my life so that I can rightfully praise and be joyful. This way I can have a passion to speak and relate to others as to the workings of God. It’s important we know with some sense of thoroughness the impact Jesus actually has in our life. I think that this is the source of stagnant faith, the type that doesn’t reach out. We lack a constant sense of gratitude that drives the message of a free gift called Jesus. We don’t evangelize because we haven’t fully soaked in Jesus. Jesus doesn’t call us to be a broken record that repeats never hearing the full song. He desires that we become song writers that continually bring about new content that points out who He is. Take a moment and listen to the soundtrack of your life is it broken record that repeats or are you actively recording the wonders of God? Know Jesus in your life so that when you share life, you will end up sharing Jesus.

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Who’s house are you in?

I was in the kitchen yesterday night killing a roach and in that very moment for some reason I thought about Jesus clearing out the temple. I often wonder about how I could make church a place more about myself than God. Numerous times have I patted myself on the back for the last night I had and how I still made it to church. Even being proud that I made time for God despite the homework, work, or list of stuff I have to do. It’s so clear that there is another god being worshipped in church service… Me. How terrible is that? You go to church to give the appearance of worshipping God but instead you go in front of God and have a competition for who’s number one.

Church is about a special set time to meet and see God. But too often it’s the action of going that counts rather than our heart and attitude (heartitude). Jesus for a number of reasons did what he did. The people selling sacrifices for offerings had no problem doing what they did, even charging outrageous prices. I think similarly we do that when we approach God. When I go to church and blame my late coming or lack of enthusiasm on what’s been going on in my life. We cheapen and cheat God out of what is rightfully His in our life. We come to church distracted, passionless, focused on ourself and write it off as the problems of life. Jesus came with passionate emotion when he saw that something so important was being so wrongly treated. He knew above anyone else what it meant to worship his Father. Unfortunately I cannot say that I approach my worship of God in the same manner. But there is something very assuring about Jesus’ fervor, and that is with the same passion He had to clear out the physical building he is clearing out this building(me). He wants me to become the best worshipper so with that he is clearing me and changing my heartitude.

I guess at the end of the day I think back to the roach in the kitchen. The kitchen is supposed to be a safe clean environment to eat, cook and prepare food. When a roach comes on the scene, the flag goes up and you find the closest somewhat disposable thing and you chase it down (in our case the flame thrower came out). Do we see our life and even our place of worship with that type of sacredness that anything jeopardizing the purpose would be throughly and radically responded to? We go to church for the sole purpose of worshipping and meeting God, in the same way the purpose of our life is to reflect God’s worth. How will you approach the physical and spiritual house God is building? Are you prepared and ready for the things God wants you to clear out?

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It takes but one second

More and more have I been realizing that it takes only one second to see how fast life is moving. When I check facebook or go onto a popular news site I am simply overwhelmed. The notion of staying current is almost a task in itself. Yet behind all the business of being caught up, the insecurity of my life being updated surfaces. I suddenly feel as if the world just spun a little faster and I began moving backwards. I often wonder what’s the next big thing. I really think that this is an area of my life God is working on. When I see updates and hear of all this news from people I get worried, jealous, and even fearful. Life is just moving in a positive direction and I wonder at what direction is mine moving. I struggle with the promise that God has something planned for me. I guess that’s what it mean to walk by faith, I might not know the next step but I can trust that either that step will hold and if it doesn’t He is going to catch me. Anxiety grabs my heart when I hear how life is moving on for other people. But I need to overcome those things with the promises of Jesus. That the Father does in fact know what I need. The proof is in nature birds don’t wonder where the food is going to come from God provides it. I think in the end I am just happy to know that the hand that holds the universe holds onto me. My time has come and it’s already here, I just don’t see it from the perspective of others. God is working wonders right now I just gotta be careful not to stifle it with my worries and selfish ways. It takes but one second to realize that God is on my side. One second and God’s already planed what to step into next.

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The broken computer

So for those of you wanting an updated about the computer I fried, here it goes. So right after I blew up the power supply I had a replacement part flown out with one of our project trip members. This part was not an exact match to the original so I took a leap of faith on. When I got the part the computer… A 5 hour ordeal since I was edgar I visited another part of Uganda to meet this volunteer. The van ride was about an hour long but easily doubled on the way back when it started raining and had to close the windows. It was a rough morning into late afternoon.

Anyways after getting the part installed it was with great joy when the computer booted up. Started to configure it and then all of a sudden it turns off on it’s own. Continues a few times and thinking it was possessed I proceeded with great care when it finally decided to play nice. It ran for 3-4 days. Then I get a call mid week during the project that the computer was acting up again. I was sad… and frustrated about the problem. Long story short after days of trying to figure out what’s wrong me and some staff got together and troubleshot the problem. It turns put that the backup power system we had was causing problems with this fancy power strip the computer was plugged into. The power strip has a safety built that turns itself off when the power flickers. Just then does the person who purchased it say OH I remember that we weren’t supposed to buy that kind of strip with our backup system… In the end I am just glad things are working now and the headache is over. There’s working in Uganda for ya.

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